Our heart is ORGANIC

Our mission is to focus on, and promote, organic agricultural production. For us, “ORGANIC" means experimenting with new farming techniques, designed to respect natural cycles, which means being conscious of the environment, and minimising the use of chemical products.


An all-Italian company

The Association of Producers (OP) La Maggiolina is a company operating in organic farming and in the production of 1st range packaged salads (1st range meaning that it is packaged and unwashed).

The Association of Producers (OP) La Maggiolina is made up of fourteen associate producers in three different regions of Italy: Lombardy, Campania and Veneto. Thanks to our fields in Eboli (Salerno), in the Sele Plain, we are able to guarantee maximum production continuity throughout the year. Our farmland is extensive, amounting to a total of 320 hectares, all equipped with glasshouses, 200 of which are organic.

Organic Farming

Agriculture with Integrated Pest Management

Martinengo (BG)

Società Agricola Cortenuova S.s.

Orticoltura Bellina Manuel

Società Agricola La Torre S.s.


Azienda Agricola Nuova Terra di Bellina Santo e Busana Raffaella S.s.

Terra Promessa di Bellina Santo e Busana Raffaella S.s.

Società Agricola Microsud S.s.

Azienda Agricola La Nuova Torre S.s.

Società Agricola Orto Sud S.s.

Natus Bio Agricola S.r.l.

Società Agricola Agrisan S.s.

Orto Bio di Festosi S.s.

Hortus Vitae S.r.l.


Società Agricola Mâche Farm S.s.

Calcio (BG)

Società Agricola OrtoBio S.s.

Correzzola (PD)

Azienda Agricola Busana Luigi e Figli S.s.

Mira (VE)

Agricola Agostini Michele e Andrea S.s

Morengo (BG)

Società Agricola Maggiolina S.r.l.

Delivering to a national and international market

We deliver our products all over Italy, and our commitment to organic farming is also recognised abroad. Our produce is mainly dispatched to the international market and is ordered in by the following countries: Germany, Switzerland, Romania, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Denmark, Norway, Austria, and the United Kingdom.

The importance of the foreign market makes our operating headquarters in the Bergamo area crucial from a logistical point of view: being really close to the road junctions that connect to the main European routes guarantees shorter delivery times and ensures that products are always fresh on the shelves of supermarkets abroad.

It all began with the seeds on a small farm: today our first-rate company is global 

The success of our story is founded on two things, namely, courage and experience: the courage to take on a new challenge first when new demands became apparent; the experience of over forty years of Santo Bellina, a reference point for the entire fruit and vegetable supply chain.

New markets, new challenges

Back in the 70s, the Bellina family's small farm allocated its surplus produce to the Milan market, a benchmark for large-scale distribution.

Establishing a communicative and collaborative relationship with new demands, new mentalities and new production standards led to the birth of Ortobell: new varieties of salad and packable products, washed and ready to use (defined as "4th range" in the fresh fruit and vegetable sales sector).

A promised land

It was 1990 and the need to ensure that this packaging line could continue with the success it had already seen, pushed Santo Bellina to start production in Southern Italy.

After several tests, the Sele Plain was selected: an innovative choice, which would result in the region becoming a key player in the cultivation of Baby Leaf salads at a European level.

Constantly evolving

In 2001 Ortobell was sold to Bonduelle, but the activity of Santo Bellina did not stop: having understood the need for packaged salads produced with high quality organic farming, he founded an Association of Producers, entitled La Maggiolina, with fields in Martinengo, Cortenuova and Eboli.

New challenges are looming on the horizon: in particular with regard to protection of the environment, with advanced research into new packaging materials to meet the needs of a clientele who are looking for plastic-free containers.

A point of reference

Santo Bellina, in addition to being a pioneer in the production of top range vegetables, in the agricultural development of the Sele Plain and in the promotion of organic farming, is a true point of reference for Italian fruit and vegetable producers thanks to his experience in the sector.

As he himself states in the interview given a few years ago at the Eco di Bergamo, which you can listen to by clicking on the button below, Santo Bellina has had a profound impact on the territory, encouraging the expansion of an innovative business model and creating new jobs. He effectively contributed to economic development and social progress not only in Bergamo, but also in the province of Salerno, as demonstrated by the numerous certificates of merit awarded to him by the local authorities.

Sharing our values

The BIA Consortium essentially gathers together 11 farms producing organic vegetables (salads, fruit and vegetables).

Born in 2011 thanks to our fundamental contribution, it represents the first Italian production corporation in fresh organic fruit and vegetables.

These 11 members have share common values that characterise their growth and development: a production system that respects the environment alongside the social context in which it operates.

As Santo Bellina, manager of Op La Maggiolina, stated in his interview with FreshPlaza.it: “We are proud members of the Bia consortium, a membership that allows us to offer our customers an extensive range of organic fruit and vegetables, as well as giving us the opportunity to share values and an environmental awareness with a number of other farms, encouraging joint projects of environmental and social sustainability".


Our Insalata dell’Orto (or Garden Salad) came about from passion being combined with a certain ingenious idea.  This passion was a passion for the land, which led the Busana family to dedicate themselves to the cultivation of vegetables, and this went back generations.  In 1990, the following ideas came about:
expand production to greenhouse cultivation;
focus on the processing, transformation and packaging of 4th range products.

The sharing of values and the common objective of offering a product that speaks for itself in terms of attention to quality, while respecting the principles of organic farming, have resulted in a close and lasting collaboration with the Bellina family, leading to the creation of 17 farms that today make up the The Association of Producers (OP) La Maggiolina. Located in Lombardy, Veneto and Campania, these companies guarantee continuity of production throughout the year. The harvested product can go two ways:
1. Into the 1st range market through The Association of Producers (OP) La Maggiolina establishments
2. Be processed in the L'Insalata dell'orto establishment for the 4th range market. 

The synergy between these two companies enables there to be a wide range of products on offer, able to respond to a variety of customer requests.

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