Our certifications: quality assurance

The Association of Producers (OP) La Maggiolina focuses on the quality of its products and production processes, which is guaranteed by the various certifications obtained over time. The packaging sites are in fact certified to IFS and BRC standards and follow the guidelines set out in the Organic Management Scheme, no.834.

The farms that are part of this AP all produce and cultivate according to the Global Gap standard; most of the farms also operate according to the Organic Management Scheme, no.834; in addition to these certifications, we are also proud to say that we’ve been granted the Organic standard, Field to Fork and Tesco Nurture.

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Products on the shelf: freshness guaranteed daily

We work continuously, 365 days a year, to ensure the highest quality. Not only during cultivation, but in every aspect of the leaf's journey, from when it is picked to when it is loaded for transportation.

First quality range

In today's world, people are increasingly aware of the need to preserve food and reduce food waste.  Our awareness of these issues has allowed us to make the most of an emerging cultural change and encouraged us to dedicate ourselves to so-called 1st range products. .
1st range products, i.e. fresh vegetables packaged which are not washed, undergo less stress and can thus maintain their freshnessfor longer. For this reason, our products are not required to display an expiry date and, if stored cold, they retain all their aromatic notesfor up to twenty days.

From field to table, in record time

We are personally committed to ensuring that the salad is as fresh as possible. For this reason weprocess all our orders during the day, processing the salad picked in the morning in the afternoon, meaning that we can get our product on the shelves within 24/30 hours and bring the freshness of a freshly picked vegetable to the table every day.

Rule number 1: Respect the cold

In order to guarantee the maximum freshness of the salad, it is vital to respect the cold chain. Our salads are stored in a cold room after a rapid blast chilling process at around 4°C. This process makes it possible to enhance and package a microbiologically stabilizedproduct. Finally, the product is loaded onto refrigerated vehicles that ensure the product is kept at a low temperature, until the destination is reached.

Pooling: reuse and sustainability

Our concern for the environment is also reflected in the promotion of the concepts of reuse and sustainability.For this reason, through the services of Euro Pool and IFCO (certified according to ISO 9001:2008 and HACCP standards), we offer our customers the possibility to use a pooling service with a warehouse: the boxes, returned after being used, are washed and sanitized before being put back into circulation. This means that the packaging is more resistant and fully recyclable , which in turn helps reduce CO2 emissions.

Field harvesting management

The boxes stamped with The Association of Producers (OP) La Maggiolina trademark  are another crucial aspect in the certainty of the supply chain: indeed, they guarantee that the products are always collected within a traceable closed circuit, i.e. From any of the consortium’s 11 farms, coming directly from production to the customer, without external participants.

The boxes depart from the farm that produces the goods and are then returned to it, having been washed and checked, meaning that they can resume the cycle from the farm again. A reuse system that ensures greater hygiene, together with minimizing the risk of contamination.

We have also recently introduced the use of hard plastic pallets, which significantly reduce the risk of foreign bodies (nails, splinters, organic material residues, etc.) and are much more resistant to weathering than wood.

Furthermore, it is a recyclable material: indeed, this choice is part of the company's philosophy promoting environmental sustainability.

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