Our establishments, a mark of our quality

We use digital fingerprints in order to access our establishments: only authorized personnel have access to the product processing areas after harvesting.

This is also how we guarantee our customers and the end consumer maximum protection for the salad arriving on the shelves and tables.  A real example of putting the concept of Food Defence into application.  Both our plants, Martinengo and Eboli, follow the standards for food safety and quality of processes and products.

Quality is also ensured by the periodic training sessions we provide our staff with on personal and workplace hygiene as well as food safety.

New quality control tools: how we protect consumers

Even if they weren’t required by the regulations in order to market of our products, which fall exclusively among the 1st range products, we have nevertheless introduced new, advanced certification and quality control tools: they are in fact the same ones used by companies selling 4th Range products, i.e. tools that guarantee the safety of ready-to-eat vegetables.

This is further evidence of the attention we pay to protecting the health of consumers, protecting them from the risk of finding foreign bodies (glass, iron, plastic, etc.) in our packaging. An added value that we guarantee our customers with, another reason for our success and high consumer acceptance of our products.

Metal detector

This is a tool that uses multispectrum technology to search for any metallic foreign bodies inside the packaged product. It also allows you to locate anything that may be hidden under the leaves.

X-Ray sorter

This is an extremely precise and effective machine, capable of detecting all types of foreign bodies which may be in the packages.

Optical sorting machine

This is a modular food sorting machine, with high resolution cameras and lasers, and offers various inspection technologies in different areas.

After scanning, high efficiency air ejectors (which can be appropriately configured by the operator according to the different products) deflect any defective parts while the product to be stored then proceeds on its way to the processing line.

Our packaging establishments: constantly growing

Both our operational sites, Martinengo and Eboli, are equipped with a packaging establishment, where the packaging operations are carried out:

Lamb’s lettuce desanding
Weighing and packaging

The packaging is completed with the customer's trademarks and according to their requests: the package and salad mix can be customised to best suit any customer's needs.

The constant increase over the years of the packing lines, which have been expanded to keep in pace with the increase in production and to meet the growing demands of customers, is synonymous with the success we have achieved with our production chain and a guarantee of the quality of our products.

  • 3 packing lines for trays

  • 6 packing lines for bags

  • 3 lamb’s lettuce desanding line

  • 2 packing lines for trays
  • 2 packing lines for bags
  • 1 lamb’s lettuce desanding line

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