We cultivate in line with nature

You have to stand out to make a difference: this is why we decided to put organic farming at the heart of our production, with the highest attention to, and respect for, natural cycles and the environment.

Currently 90% of the salads we produce come from organic farming, while the remaining 10% are produced with integrated control methods, in order to minimize the amount of chemicals used.

Certified organic quality

To work with the best, you have to be the best. Every day, our vegetables can be spotted on the shelves of the main European distribution chains, meaning that they must be able to meet the highest standards in terms of food safety, process and product quality.

The main distribution chains that we work with require us to meet more demanding technical specifications in comparison to the more generic organic farming regulations.  The quality of our products and day to day work is monitored by Official Bodies and Organisations responsible for checking that companies are compliant with biological requirements, product quality parameters and environmental, ethical and social requirements.

The perfect mix from a selection of different seeds

Our mix is born directly in the field, starting from a combination of seeds selected for uniformity of morphological leaf  development and in terms of colour, in order to obtain a colourful mixture of tender cut salads.
The best combination of production factors are selected create a well-balanced mix: this is the same principle that drives our Agronomic Quality Department. Everyone brings their individual experiences to the team, designing and monitoring the production processes, presiding over the choice of technical methods along with the contact with suppliers and Certifying Bodies.

Each day, the experience and expertise of our team bring innovation to our agronomic practices: we are continuously looking for new cultivation techniques, collaborating with seed, fertilizer and phyto-regulator producers for the development of new products.

Constant planning and control checks

To guarantee quality every day, we are committed to constantly monitoring our production. All the raw material is produced by companies of the group and all processes are planned and monitored by a single team in continuous contact, through a computerized system enabling management and control of the supply chain.

Each stage of cultivation in the fields is recorded in the so called "Farm diary", meaning that the product is fully traceable from the seed to the packaging: we know the particle of soil that has produced every tray emerging from our production establishments.

Every day on the field is important to us

Everything we do comes from the soil, for our line of work requires the highest respect for the soil and its cycles. Our attention to the conservation of biodiversity and soil structurecan be seen through our use of various biotechnologies.

We use minimum processing techniques and alternate the green manure cycle every three crop cycles so as to increase the organic matter present in the soil. We also do the following:

Telluric control of pathogenic  pests through pyro weedcontrol.

Suction of cutting residues formulti-scything crops.

Biosterilisation of fields through solarisation, without the use of chemicals.

Abolition of scheduledpesticide treatments through the use of chromotropic traps and crop monitoring.

Water regulation and attention paid to the territorial context, alongside the green, or the environment, through the use of electrical machinery and the good condition of the roads.

Maintenance and planting of hedges and plantings so as to foster the conservation of biodiversity, also being used as a natural barrier against contamination and drifts from fields worked on with conventional agriculture.

Water treatment for irrigation and sanitation with a UV lamp debacterization system.

Technology at the service of quality

Our commitment to constantly improve the quality of our products never stops and inspires our research in using the most advanced technological tools in the agro-food sector. That is why we were the first to experiment with, and consequently introduce, the following innovations.

Shading system

The digital shading system is equipped with sensors with the luxometer, a device that measures the amount of sunlight and controls the automatic opening and closing of the shading sheets.

This automated system enables timely and effective action and provides significant benefits:

  • Reduces stress for crops, avoiding them being dried out because of excessive sunshine;
  • allows us to optimize the consumption of irrigation water;
  • removes the environmental impact caused by the use of harmful substances for the painting of traditional shading canvases.

Spray evolution system

The Spray Evolution machine is a fully automated spraying system, equipped with cameras and remote control.

Its nozzles allow for there to be optimal distribution, saving 20% of the covering product.

Uniformity of distribution leads to:

  • a marked increase in crop growth;
  • a significant reduction in stress for plants.

Our fields, the foundation of our quality

For us, it's important that we can offer our customers a product of consistent quality, 365 days a year. A continuity of production can only be guaranteed with the right climatic conditions.

For this reason, we use two production sites, one in the North of Italy, and one in the South of Italy (in areas specialised in this production), alternating seasonal production according to the changes in climate.

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